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We're Basingstoke's most advanced laser clinic; with a range of NHS backed and pain free aesthetic lasers; meaning you'll be hair free faster than anywhere else.


Many of our clients have tried other places before visiting us for real hair removal. With our latest lasers and fully trained therapists we get the best results in the region.

All skin Types

We can treat darker skin types safely and effectively. With our UK Medical grade lasers we can treat all skin types and a wider range of previously untreatable hair colours, including light blonde and red.


Our therapists are Level 4 qualified Laser and Light specialists. Head therapist and co-owner, Joshua has 10 years of hair removal experience. We have male and female therapists available.

popular treatments

See below for our full price list

Our prices are the same for all genders

Price per treatment

Lip £35

Chin £35

Lip & Chin £65

Brazilian £95

Hollywood £95

Underarms £55

Classic Bikini £65

Full Legs (inc. feet) £155

Half Legs (inc. feet) £100

    Chest £115

    Abdomen £120

    Shoulders £95

    Full Back £150

    Neck £45

    Monobrow £25

    To get started, 

    book a free consultation

    or call us on 01256 592259


    Full price list


    Lip - £35

    Chin - £35

    Eyebrow - £25

    Ears - £20

    Cheeks - £30

    Neck - £55

    Hairline - £59

    Full Face - £80


    Upper Legs / thighs - £100

    Lower Leg (inc. feet) - £100

    Full Legs (inc. feet) - £155

    Feet - £15


    Underarm - £55

    Lower Arms / Forearm (inc. hands) - £85

    Hands - £40

    Full Arms (inc. hands) - £120


    Nipples - £45

    Navel Line - £45

    Nipples - £45

    Navel Line - £45

    Shoulders - £95

    Chest - £100

    Half Back - £95

    Full Back - £150

    Abdomen - £120

    Beard & Neck- £95

    Neck - £45

    Monobrow - £25

    INTIMATE (Male & Female)

    Hollywood (full front) - £95

    Brazilian - £95

    Buttock Crease - £50

    Buttocks - £100

    Classic Bikini - £70

    Extended Bikini - £100

    Is it permanent?

    Laser hair removal provides permanent hair reduction. It will reduce hair regrowth by 80-100% and the hair that grows back will be lighter and thinner. Hair removal works best on darker hair. We have two lasers and IPL at our disposal to target your unique skin and hair conditions. All our devices are used by the NHS and are UK medical grade, which allow us to achieve industry leading results.

    Does it hurt?

    Most people do not find laser hair removal painful and compare it to being flicked with a rubber band. Everyone agrees that it's less painful than waxing and far less painful than electrolysis. The actual sensation is felt as the bright light is transformed into heat inside the hair follicles.

    In order to provide extra comfort we have a zero pain laser for those with a lower pain threshold as well as a skin cooling machine to numb the skin.

    How many treatments?

    Results depend on your hair colour, skin colour, adherence to a 4-6 week treatment schedule and non-controllable age and hormonal factors. Our most responsive clients can see maximum hair loss in just 1-2 sessions, but those with complex hormonal factors or very light hair may require 10 or more sessions. As a rule and to avoid disappointment we usually recommend 6-10 treatments depending on your hair type and response to treatment.

    During your free consultation and patch test we will give you our best estimate. If you have had previous treatments with other providers, don't give up hope; we've had excellent results with patients who have previously been non-responsive to weaker lasers.

    How does it work?

    Laser / IPL machines fire a bright light, which is absorbed by the hair pigment, melanin, in the hair shaft, where it turns into heat, which in turn damages the follicle and surrounding structures that can cause regrowth. As it's the melanin that absorbs the light energy, white and vellus hairs (those very fine hairs) are not affected and so cannot be treated.

    In order for the damage to the follicle to be permanent, we have to perform the treatment at a specific part of the hair follicle lifecycle; when the hair is still growing and attached.

    Qualifications and insurance

    All our laser therapists are trained to L4 in Laser and Light Based Therapies. Male and Female therapists are available on request.

    Head therapist and co-owner, Joshua Burniston, is an experienced Aesthetic Therapist, across several treatments. He is trained to Level 4 (VTCT) in Laser and Light Based Therapies as well as holding independent L4 Laser Core of Knowledge and Advanced Application Training for Lynton Lumina and DEKA devices. Many other laser therapists do not have training, so you're in good hands.

    Joshua also has industry leading aesthetic therapy qualifications in Microneedling, Chemical Peels & Blemish Removal (CIBTAC L4 LCBT).

    Basingstoke Wellness is fully insured and follows HSE best practices of operation.

    Opening Times

    Monday to Friday: 10am to 8pm 

    Saturday: 10am to 4pm

    Sunday: Closed

    Basingstoke Wellness

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    RG21 7DQ

    We're within walking distance from all the town centre car parks. Joices Yard car park is to the rear of our building, but can be busy in peak times.

    Call us: 01256 592259

    Email: contact@basingstokewellness.com